Hostinglz LLC formed 5 years ago.  With 15+ years experience in building/maintaining computer hardware.  We're applying that knowledge of reliable hardware where it's needed most.  In servers that have to run all day every day.  All servers are custom built with the most reliable name brand motherboards, memory, CPU's and hard drives.  No name brand "black boxes" with proprietary hardware inside.  Servers are located in Kansas City MS, central US. Away from most natural disaster areas in a data center with redundant backbones to the internet and redundant power backups.

We offer:

Virtual servers - LXD and KVM based Linux operating systems.  Servers are so powerful now, most users only need a piece of that power.  Virtual servers carve out smaller pieces for each user.  Making getting started with your own internet server cheaper and easier than ever before compared to a full blown dedicated server.  Up to 8 cores and 16g ram available per VM.  Self managed or we can manage software/updates/firewall on your behalf for a fee.

Domain names - register your own domain - take control of your web space. Never let a 3rd party web site creation company register a domain for you.  This is the most important part of your online presence. No one should be able to control the domain registration except for you the owner!  Hire website creation specialist's afterword but you should always own the name. 3rd party creators have been known to hold the name hostage if you decide to move to another host. Or if they go out of business (which we've seen happen) you've lost the domain name and it could take thousands of dollars to get it back.

Web hosting - Host your domain content, Many one click options like WordPress, CMS made simple and Opencart available. Plus others... or install your own web content easily via ftp or the online file manager.  Manage your domain/file/email accounts online with the Virtualmin control panel(included).

Support hours for all services are 8am to Midnight EST and we will respond at other times as soon as possible.  Servers are monitored for up/down issues 24 hours a day.

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