Billing - Payments (3)

Frequently asked questions related to billing

General (2)

Terms of service - genreral info

How To's (2)

General server administration how to's - mainly Ubuntu/debian

Shared hosting (10)

Serveral websites hosted behind a shared machine and IP address(s)

Virtual Machine (5)

Virtual machine hosting-100% under your controll with root access

Webmin Control Panel (1)

Frequently asked questions related the Webmin control panel

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Terms of service: Running PLEX software, no matter if it encodes or not, is prohibited. You may...

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 Virtual Servers' domain name, name servers

The order form for virtual servers requires a domain name, root password, and name severs. If...

 Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are nothing but your own virtual server hosted on a physical server. With AMD's...

 Support Hours

Support and sales questions are generally answered within an hour during support operating hours....